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                  center for clinician's advancement

                  Center for Clinician Advancement

                  We enable clinicians to lead change, advance health and transform the health system.

                  As one of the largest employers of clinicians in the United States, UnitedHealth Group recognizes the critical role of clinicians in the health care system.

                  The Center for Clinician Advancement (CFCA) helps clinicians successfully navigate the demands of a swiftly evolving profession so they can become leaders in their areas of expertise and emerge as innovators in new areas of care delivery.

                  The CFCA energizes clinicians for an expanding role in solving some of the most pressing health care problems of today and tomorrow, preparing them to tackle the challenges of a health care system in transition and help shape the future of the industry.


                  Learning and Development

                  We enhance clinician competence and capability to work in an evolving interprofessional environment and influence consumer health and care outcomes.?????

                  Practice and Advocacy

                  We enable clinicians to inform and educate others regarding their role, support full scope of practice and advocate through federal and state efforts. We create an environment where clinicians experience professional satisfaction, joy and purpose positively impacting health outcomes and productivity.

                  Business of Health Care

                  We develop clinicians who truly understand the business of health care and are able to make wise clinical decisions within the business environment. We prepare clinicians to understand the “what” and the “why” of business decisions and play a key role in achieving our business goals.

                  Clinician Community

                  We cultivate interprofessional collaboration and foster a clinician community that forges connections and encourages knowledge sharing.?We celebrate and recognize our valued clinicians and continue to build their reputation within and outside of the company.

                  About the Center

                  In 2008, UnitedHealth Group launched the Center for Nursing Advancement to promote the development of nurse leaders with strong clinical skills and sharp business acumen to help drive systemic improvement in health care. The Center grew from serving 6,000 nurses in 2008 to more than 20,000 nurses today, and is now a critical component for promoting the profession.

                  To support even more UnitedHealth Group clinical professionals, the expanded Center for Clinician Advancement was launched in 2015. Today, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, behavioral health clinicians, advanced practice clinicians and physicians rely on the Center for developmental and collaborative initiatives.


                  Programs & Resources

                  The Center for Clinician Advancement offers programs and resources designed to develop, retain and engage clinicians and clinician leaders. The Center programs and initiatives support members of our care team with resources specifically tailored to nurses, social workers, pharmacists, advanced practice clinicians, behavioral health clinicians, physicians and other licensed clinical professionals.

                  • Deepens knowledge for clinicians; develops understanding of how day-to-day decisions impact business successes; explores clinicians’ role in growth, quality and affordability of care, patient experience and customer satisfaction; and broadens and balances the clinical perspective with a financial focus.

                  • Helps clinicians explore, connect and find resources about the more than 130 different clinical and business roles across UnitedHealth Group.

                  • UnitedHealth Group's knowledge-sharing, collaboration and growth platform for clinicians and those interested in the clinical disciplines. Helps clinicians stay connected, share best practices and find solutions to better engage consumers and make the health system better for everyone.

                  • An enterprisewide program to develop high-potential, succession-ready clinician talent through partnership with a best-in-class academic organization.

                  • An enterprisewide program to develop clinician leaders with the competencies needed to build effective relationships across organizational lines, balance competing priorities and get superior results within the business environment.

                  • Brings together national thought leaders in policy, practice and education to help advance the clinical professions at UnitedHealth Group and beyond.

                  • A self-directed, clinician development program that includes a specific learning curriculum, mentoring and manager support of career goals and aspirations. Combines a formal curriculum with the opportunity for clinicians to form mutually beneficial cross-enterprise relationships.

                  • Provides selected nurses an opportunity to earn an MSN degree and develop advanced clinical and business management skills, with a special emphasis on education and leadership.

                  • Publicly recognizes licensed clinicians serving in a variety of roles throughout UnitedHealth Group.

                  employee engagement rates
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