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                  Diversity & Inclusion

                  We value unique points of view and a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and markets.

                  Diversity and inclusion are embedded in UnitedHealth Group's values of Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation and Performance and are necessary to fulfill our overall mission to help people live healthier lives and to help make the health system work better for everyone.

                  UnitedHealth Group's commitment to diversity and inclusion empowers our employees to contribute their best work, collaborating to be the preeminent health and well-being business and community partner of choice. By leveraging the depth of a diverse workforce, we can better meet the needs of the increasingly multicultural clients, communities and individuals we serve.

                  Diversity Icon

                  Diversity & Inclusion Council

                  This Council is comprised of senior leaders with cross-business representation charged with embedding diversity and inclusion more deeply into our workforce and the customers and communities we serve. This group sets the strategic direction and goals for the enterprise in the area of diversity and inclusion and works with business and functional teams to execute plans that further integrate diversity and inclusion into the culture and business fabric of the company.

                  Diversity & Inclusion in Action


                  UnitedHealth Group collaborates with a wide range of community organizations through volunteer work and community giving. This helps us reach our goal of promoting healthy living, preventing disease, and improving quality of care.


                  Diversity allows us to incorporate a wide variety of approaches and perspectives into all aspects of our business, which truly helps our customers – and our bottom line.



                  UnitedHealth Group?partners with suppliers that reflect the markets we serve. They include small?businesses owned by minorities, women, veterans, or?businesses located in underused business zones. Supporting a diverse group of local businesspeople?contributes to the expansion of America's most rapidly growing market.


                  UnitedHealth Group believes in recruiting, developing and retaining a workforce that mirrors the multicultural communities we serve. A mix of different backgrounds and perspectives helps us develop the strong products and programs our customers need.

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