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                  Workplace Diversity

                  Unique voices and points of view.

                  At UnitedHealth Group, our success is the direct result of the tireless dedication of our worldwide workforce. Every one of our employees brings a unique set of talents to the workplace and each shares a commitment to improving the health care system. Creating an inclusive workplace environment in which all employees have opportunities to achieve their personal goals and realize their potential remains one of our guiding principles.


                  We put a high priority on seeking the best talent from a diverse pool of candidates to build the best team. We use a variety of sourcing channels to help build our pipeline of top talent, from networking, referrals, events and personal partnerships with organizations to social media, blogs, virtual career fairs and much more.

                  Recruiting Military and Veteran Candidates

                  We are committed to hiring transitioning military and veteran candidates. Veteran recruitment taps a new source of team-oriented, rigorously trained talent — men and women who have learned to operate effectively and who are a great fit with our culture. We are part of the 100,000 Jobs Mission Program Coalition and have partnerships with the Military Spouse Employment Program and the Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve. Additionally, the Military Skills Translator, a tool that helps identify how a veteran’s experience translates to the skills needed to succeed at UnitedHealth Group, is available on our Careers website.

                  College Recruitment Program

                  In this program, recent college graduates are provided a foundation to help them develop into successful leaders within our organization. UnitedHealth Group internship opportunities provide a hands-on view of a rapidly evolving, incredibly challenging marketplace of ideas, products and services. Graduates work side by side with some of the smartest people in the business.

                  We recruit MBAs from premier business schools across the United States and can provide them with the challenges that lead to a rewarding career.

                  More information on all our student recruiting programs >

                  Recruiting Employees 50 Years and Older

                  We actively recruit employees 50 years and older. Their knowledge and life experiences add to the mosaic of diverse viewpoints throughout our company and the communities we serve. We also ensure workplace policies and programs are in place and aligned to support recruitment and retention efforts and are working with AARP to advance the value proposition for mature workers.

                  More information about joining us and beginning your life’s best workSM >

                  We support employees in their work with a full range of health and well-being tools, a robust learning management system and the regular opportunity to provide feedback to the management team. To increase overall knowledge and to build a foundation to impact behaviors on a daily basis, two online courses were created and are available for all employees enterprisewide: "Valuing Diversity and Inclusion," and "Cross-Generational Workers in the 21st Century." In addition, all employees have access to GlobeSmart, a web-based learning tool and online encyclopedia of global business knowledge that increases their awareness of the assumptions, expectations and behaviors of their colleagues worldwide.

                  Our success is dependent on our ability to develop future leaders. The Values Based Leadership Program supports the development needs of new managers, equipping them with the insights, information and skills they need to lead their teams, accomplish their goals, and support our mission. Our senior leadership development programs provide best in class executive development through our General Manager, Executive Orientation and Executive Development Programs. All of these programs incorporate messages and information related to diversity and inclusion, and are aligned with our values of Integrity, Compassion, Relationships, Innovation and Performance.

                  UnitedHealth Group is committed to pay equity for all employees. To achieve that important goal, we regularly perform reviews of our compensation practices. In the normal course of our business, we evaluate pay equity in a number of respects, including by gender, ethnicity and race.

                  As a result of our most recent review of our U.S. and global workforce*, we are proud to share there is no difference in pay between females and males performing similar work at similar levels.?In addition, minority groups within the U.S. are paid the same as Caucasians performing similar work at similar levels.

                  UnitedHealth Group is committed to maintaining a high-performing, diverse and inclusive workforce, of which compensation is an important element. Fair and equitable compensation practices within a pay-for-performance framework are core to our culture and key to achieving our mission of 重庆时时彩走势图网址 and helping make the health system work better for everyone. Skilled and diverse teams generate new ideas, produce better solutions and help us to better serve our diverse customer base across the health care community.


                  * The results of this review do not include employees of acquired companies who are not yet on UnitedHealth Group’s HR system.

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