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                  Our Foundations

                  UnitedHealth Group's two philanthropic foundations - the UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation and the United Health Foundation - are committed to 重庆时时彩走势图网址.

                  UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation

                  Image of UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation grant recipient

                  The UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation?gives families somewhere to turn when they need medical assistance. Contributions come from UnitedHealth Group employees, and the generosity of others.


                  United Health Foundation

                  Image of Beverly Apodaca, scholarship recipient

                  The United Health Foundation?is passionate about improving the quality and cost-effectiveness of medical care, expanding access to health care services, nurturing a 21st-century health workforce and enhancing community well-being.

                  To learn more about United Health Foundation initiatives, visit?Our?Partners.

                  More about the United Health Foundation

                  Board of Directors

                  Cory B. Alexander

                  Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs?
                  UnitedHealth Group

                  Tina Brown-Stevenson

                  Senior Vice President

                  Thomas P. Wiffler

                  CEO, Specialty Benefits
                  UnitedHealthcare Employer & Individual

                  Norman Wright

                  Chief of Operations?

                  Marianne D.?Short

                  Office of the Chief Executive?
                  Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer?
                  UnitedHealth Group

                  Terry Clark

                  Chief Marketing Officer?
                  UnitedHealth Group

                  Kristy Duffey

                  Chief Clinical Officer, OptumCare
                  President, Population Health Solutions

                  Heather Cianfrocco

                  UnitedHealthcare Community & State

                  Tami Reller

                  Chief Marketing and Experience Officer

                  Officers & Staff

                  Tracy Malone


                  Marianne D.?Short


                  Faraz Choudhry?

                  Senior Associate General Counsel

                  Anne Yau?

                  Vice President, Grants and Programs

                  Grant Seekers

                  We nurture partnerships with key organizations and rely on their areas of health expertise to help allocate our funding. Organizations must be invited by the United Health Foundation to apply for grants, and must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or a public agency/unit of government.

                  Activities ineligible for funding include capital campaigns, project planning grants, general operations, direct financial assistance to individuals, endowments, fundraising events or development campaigns, political causes, candidates or legislative lobbying efforts, recreational, sporting events or athletic associations, religious organizations for religious purposes, or basic or biomedical research.

                  If you have questions regarding our initiatives and grants, please explore our website, or?contact us. Guidelines, deadlines or applications are not directly available through our website.

                  Learn More

                  Social Responsibility News
                  Read More
                  Awards & Recognition
                  Read More
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